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Properties for successful second anniversary: xiamen gulangyu protection provide institutional guarantee

Date: 2019-07-10

The reporter understands from xiamen municipal people's congress (NPC) 8, had been examined and approved the "gulangyu island of xiamen special economic zone of world culture heritage protection ordinance in 8 formally implemented.At this point, in gulangyu properties for successful second anniversary, comprehensive protection of gulangyu island in xiamen into the era of institutional guarantee.

According to introducing, unlike other natural and cultural heritage sites, gulangyu is a scenic area, is also a community residents, is also the world heritage area at the same time, under the background of the superposition of three, its protection difficulty is greater, the protection of resources and more investment is needed.

On the protection of cultural heritage, is clear, the regulations in the heritage of administrative organs, public institutions and other relevant units, besides are under the leadership of their superior departments, relevant issues involving the protection of cultural heritage, should be subject to the unified coordination and administration of cultural heritage protection agencies.

On the heritage site activation using, "byelaw" regulation, encourages units and individuals to take dictation, written inheritance inheritance, lectures;In literature, music, art, drama, calligraphy, photography, film and television works etc.Development is conducive to cultural heritage protection and utilization of cultural creative industry, the development of art with the characteristic of gulangyu, souvenirs and other cultural creative products, etc.

On the people's livelihood security, "byelaw" regulation, xiamen city, the Amoy area two levels of the people's government shall promote heritage area social public services such as education, health care quality, development of special education, perfect the emergency medical treatment, strengthen the landscaping, urban roads, municipal engineering, such as the construction of infrastructure, improve community residents working and living conditions, promote the protection of cultural heritage.Meanwhile, as a result of cultural heritage protection of the rights damage or increase the burden, give appropriate subsidies.

In addition, the regulations also made clear for legal liability in violation of relevant regulations, and according to the circumstances are serious degree, including, but not limited to, fines, administrative penalties.